CLOUD WHALE - concept development

I was commissioned to design creatures known as Cloud Whales. This is the much larger, passive type. Can get to 1000 feet long. Able to move about with helium filled sacks that allow for stable lift. The dangling bands on the underside are lined with millions of smaller appendages that capture airborne insects, particulates, and anything it can consume for fuel. Also shown are the preliminary thumbnails of unused alternate designs for this creature. Based on the ideas of Terry Sofian of

Dope pope zcloud whale final
Dope pope zcloud whale colors 1
Dope pope zcloud whale colors 2
Dope pope zcw krilleater orthos
Dope pope concepts 10
Dope pope concepts 5b
Dope pope concepts 7
Dope pope concepts 8
Dope pope concepts 9