Commissioned artwork. I was asked to design and model a deep sea giant monster for an upcoming thesis short film. These are images of that design process. The approach to the creature Atoyo was to combine several attributes of deep sea creatures into one big monster without it looking too much like any particular one. It also needed to move about on land as well as be graceful in the ocean. I hope to have more information about the film as it develops. ATOYO © JP Jaramillo / Blue Light Studios.

Dope pope zatoyo by dp
Dope pope zatoyo swim 1 by dp
Dope pope zatoyo swim 2 by dp
Dope pope zatoyo hex ks bydp
Dope pope zatoyo orthos1 by dp
Dope pope zatoyo orthos2 by dp
Dope pope zatoyo development 1
Dope pope zatoyo development 2
Dope pope zatoyo development 3
Dope pope atoyo kaiju thumbs

Preliminary silhouettes quickly sketched to capture an impression of a kaiju 'type' we'd want to develop. Ultimately we decided on the head of the center sketch, with the mouth of the first sketch, and the large claws of the last sketch.

zATOYO swimming mode