GHIDORAH 2019 progress 2

General / 20 April 2019

Progress on the heads. 

WIP Ghidorah 2019

General / 17 March 2019

Super fast black outs.First the head. Then the body. Played a bit with some materials to see what the scale texture might look like once fully detailed. The body will take a while to do. Not sure how quickly I can do it before work gets in the way. I'll try to update often. 

ZEROMUS full - commission WIPS

General / 30 March 2018

Making progress on the full figure of Zeromus, and original character for someone. The head was perviously done, and now the rest is in the works. Which is why the head looks more progressed than the body. Basic forms have been blocked in. Now a lot of finessing and secondary forms need to be worked in. 

Nosferadon commission update

General / 26 March 2018
This is a fleshed out full body version of Nosferadon. It's pretty close to being finalized with textures and paints and pose. Then I'll post the beauty renders. 

Yet another commission in progress: REGGIE

General / 09 March 2018

Reggie the giant sized gator kaiju. I intend to mix and match assorted reptilian attributes into this one, but right now it's looking very 'alligator' in it's first draft.  

Next commission in progress. Nosferadon.

General / 08 March 2018

Titanic Creations asked me to begin work on their newest design. Nosferadon, a giant vampiric kaiju. Here's the first draft of the head based on the concept sketches they've provided me. 

Progress on Commission - Noho Kulkan

General / 28 February 2018

Making progress on all the forms. Next step is the tail, which is giving me a real challenge. I'm trying to create a curve brush in ZBrush that will give me the exact results I want. That'll be for the next update. 


General / 23 January 2018

Another project that got put on hold due to mounting work. This is my take on Skinner's MORGOGG character. Skinner mentioned to me that he was influenced by Sanda and Gaira, the Gargantuas of the old  Japanese giant monster movie. I tried to keep that influence even more visually apparent in my rendition. There's still more to do, and hopefully I can take this to finish when I have more free time. 


General / 20 January 2018

Another project in progress is SHARKARY & TSUNAMI CRAB, the titular characters of the comic book by ELI NEUGEBOREN. Here's the cover sketch of issue 1, uncolored. I tried to retain some of Eli's charmingly quirky drawing style in the sculpts. Done in zBrush. 

Work in Progress

General / 19 January 2018

This is a current commission. No time frame, so I get to work on it in spurts, in between other projects. I'm allowed to show progress, so I thought I'd make my first blog, and future blogs about WIPS. These are early WIP shots of NOHO KULKAN, an original character owned and created by Eric Lovelock. The creature is split, quite literally, into 2 halves. One comprised of ancient carved rock ruins of a dragon type creature, and the other being organic matter of that same creature. 

Sculpted in ZBrush.